When he left their home in Toluca Lake to go on location, he had a habit of leaving Mary little notes—addressed to “Gip Gip,” his pet name for her. “Dearest Gip Gip,” he wrote in one undated note, “Wherever I go, wherever I am, you are never far away from me because I love you. I told Gussy and Shep and Gin in [the Walshes’ pet dogs] to watch over you and protect you. All my love, Papa.” In another note, also undated, Walsh wrote to her, “Dearest Gip Gip, I love you and I am going to miss you. But you are never far away from me. All my love, Papa. P.S. The little fellows will keep you company till I return.” When Walsh left for Puerto Rico to shoot Battle Cry, he wrote her, “Now Baby, take good care of yourself while I am away and always remember you and you alone are the only one in this world I love with all my heart. If I can get good transportation to San Juan I will send for you. Love, Papa.”

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